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March 10th, 2011by emmamayn

About the Blog
Emma May. Sweet name. Not so sweet girl… and proud! I am a single mother of 2 and am devoted to navigating them through the world while keeping all of us as healthy as possible in as many ways as possible. Join me here as I share what I learn and feel about the topics that engage me on a daily basis… Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Parenting. Nutrition. And much more… stick around and see what this blog is all about.

What I Like

  • My kids
  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Titanic (the movie)
  • 30 Rock
  • Tennis
  • Yoga

What I Don’t Like

  • Bullies
  • Cold weather
  • Laundry
  • People that say girls can’t fight

What I Want From You

To stick around! I need some faithful readers if I’m going to be doing this blog thing.

What You Should Know About Treatment for Scars

August 2nd, 2012by emmamayn

Scarring is a natural phenomenon. For some this is the worst time of their lives while for others it may not be that bad. The latter is obviously that segment that has been scarred somewhere their clothes can hide. The former ones are basically the ones who have it on obvious regions such as the face or hands or feet. This certain segment seems to find their confidence taking the back seat and feel themselves to be the most disgusted human being on earth; though it’s really not that bad. However, science, thankfully, has realized the personality crisis people undergo because of this hideous happening and came up with numerous treatments for scars.

The Various Types of Treatment for Scars

1. Over-the-counter Products:

Over-the-counter creams are easily available for this purpose; however, not all are as effective as they claim to be. In fact, you have to have conducted a thorough research before you even think of buying this scar cream. To make your life easier, I’ll recommend you Mederma. It’s been in the market for quite a while and has gained the reputation of being a very effective treatment for scars.

2. Surgery:

Surgery is one of the most overstated treatments for scars. People think of it to be the most effective way of getting rid of scars. The process is long and tedious and can leave its own marks after the process. Often, plastic surgery is used which involves grafting skin on the scarred area or a laser surgery. Laser has become quite a popular treatment for scars and it has undoubtedly lived up to its claims; but, nevertheless, it’s known to be the most painful technique.

3. Steroid Injections and Dermabrasion:

Dermabrasion is referred to as the treatment which involves peeling off the first few layers of the skin. Once, the peeling has been done make sure you keep the area protected from sun rays. Another treatment for scars includes injecting of steroids in the scarred area. These shots can reduce the size of the scars. This causes no inflammation or redness in the area unlike laser surgery.

4. Concealing with Makeup:

Often, scars need to be treated with urgently. You have this important meeting or your best friend’s wedding to attend – this calls for urgent measures and this is one every treatment backs out but make up. Use a concealer to merge the scar color with your skin color. This is often tricky since you need to find the exact match for your skin.

Nevertheless, dermatologists have a huge list of treatments that you can avail. So, it is deemed best to consult your dermatologist before you opt for any of the methods above. You never know, probably the method you select from above is not the best treatment of scars for your skin type. So, if you’re too frustrated with your scars seek a dermatologist and take his/her opinion on which treatment to opt for.

For more information about scar revoal treatments and recommendations click here.

Cure Your Gout: A Goutclear Review

July 17th, 2012by emmamayn

If someone had told me that I would be the one to wake up one night because of a gout attack I would have told them they were crazy!  But, it honestly did happen and I still can’t believe it sometimes.  It was the last thing on my mind when I woke up in such pain; I simply had no idea what was going on. The pain was excruciating and I didn’t know where it was coming from or why.  Then I found out it was gout.  What?  Me, with gout?  That should have been unheard of, but it wasn’t.

What to do about gout

So then I had to figure out what to do about it.  In all honesty, the first time around I kind of just let it go, treating the symptoms until it went away, but then, of course, it came back again with a vengeance.  I’d heard that it might, but I guess I just had to see for myself.  By this time, after two rounds with gout, I knew I had to come up with a better solution because I did not want it to come back every single month for the rest of my life.  I have some fight in me, but not enough to go up against gout at every turn.  And why should I?  Surely there was something out there that could help me.

I tried a couple of things and each one worked for a short time but my gout continued to come back.  And some had some nasty side effects that I really didn’t like.  And finally I found what I was looking for online.  I found Goutclear.  I read about it, researched it and listened to what others said about it.  It came with a money back guarantee so I figured, what the heck, might as well try it.  It can’t be any worse than any of the other stuff I’d tried.

Well, you wouldn’t believe it! After just a short time my gout symptoms had disappeared. I no longer had the excruciating pain that I’d once had and I was completely astounded by the results! I got all of this relief out of this one little bottle and the gout had disappeared. Now, let me just tell you a little about Goutclear.

GoutClear is great

It is made from ingredients that are all natural. Yes, you heard me; there are no fillers, no chemicals, nothing but good natural herbs and minerals that have been proven in actual research tests to help get rid of gout and help keep it away.  I could take it as long as I wanted to and I would never suffer from any side effects.  How great was that!?  I don’t think there is another product out there that can make those claims.  It’s just not possible.

Another great thing about Goutclear is that it was affordable for me to buy, even on my budget.  I had thrown away so much money and so much time on those other products and here was Goutclear right out there at an affordable price and it really did actually work for me and my gout symptoms.  No more money out the window and no more time wasted.  My solution came in just one little bottle and I really couldn’t ask for more than that.

And, yes, there is more!  Because of Goutclear I can now walk around, jump around and skip around if I want to because the pain of the gout is completely gone. I no longer worry that I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with the pain of gout being so painful that it is hard for me to get out of the bed.  I feel a relief now every time I go to sleep because I know that now I will stay asleep and I won’t have to worry about being awakened so suddenly because of pain.

I’ve changed a few things in my diet and I try to exercise a little more now than I did before and doing both of those things while taking Goutclear have freed my mind to concentrate on other things.  My mind is not preoccupied with pain and wondering how long this bout of gout will continue.  I know that those days are behind me now and I can do the things I’ve always loved doing without any pain whatsoever.

So, if you ever find yourself suffering from gout, the best product that you can buy to relieve those gout symptoms is Goutclear.  You will never be sorry that you took it because all you will feel is relief from the pain!  Goutclear worked for me and I’m sure it will work for you.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with Goutclear because you deserve to have your life back to the way it was before you had gout.

Your Kids and Chickenpox

June 1st, 2012by emmamayn

Chickenpox is one of the most common childhood conditions and has been for many, many years.  However, since the inception of the vaccine fewer cases are around.  If your child has had the vaccine however, they can still get the chickenpox but their case would probably be a mild one.

If you do not have your child vaccinated for whatever reason and they do get the chickenpox there are some symptoms you need to watch for.  Prior to any type of blisters or sores showing up on the skin, a child will act like they feel sick.  They might run a fever, feel sick to their stomach or just generally feel bad.

In a few days you will begin to see blisters appear on their skin.  Generally children will have between 250 to 500 blisters that will begin to show.  The blisters will start on the trunk of the child, the face and on the scalp.  In severe cases children might have blisters in their mouth or in their eyes.  After a couple of days the blisters will become scabs, but new blisters can begin to appear in clusters.

Generally chickenpox will not leave a scar unless it becomes infected because of intense scratching that will spread the bacteria.  Chickenpox are extremely uncomfortable and very itchy and it is hard to tell a child not to scratch when they itch and most people, children or adults end up scratching during the night when they are sleeping and before they even realize it.  It is important though to try to keep scratching to a minimum to avoid spreading the bacteria.

It Spreads Before You Know It

If you child does end up with a mild or severe case of chickenpox it is spread within the first few days of blisters even appearing so be sure to tell other children that they have been exposed if they were around your child right before the outbreak.

Chickenpox is an airborne illness so it is transported through the air just like a cold.  Anyone who has been around your child, even at the grocery store, can pick up the virus even if you didn’t know your child had the virus yet.

Keep Kids in School Healthy

May 30th, 2012by emmamayn

If you have children who are in school you know there are so many illnesses that your child can come home with.  We want our children to do well in school and have friends, but we would really appreciate it if they would leave the germs behind.  However, that isn’t always possible and they are going to get sick anyway.  It is part of being around other people and a part of growing up.

As parents, it is important that we teach our children ways to avoid becoming sick while they are at school and below are some helpful tips that you can share with your children.  They will probably still become sick at some point, but all illnesses cannot be avoided.

• Wash their hands – Teach your children to wash their hands often.  Everything around a school is invested with germs from the door knobs on classrooms to the handle of their locker.  They should wash their hands and carry hand sanitizer with them when possible to lessen their chances of germs.

• Don’t share combs or brushes – Teach your children that there are things such as head lice (even on the cleanest kids) and that they should avoid using someone else’s grooming utensils.  Once there is an outbreak of lice, more kids will bring it home.

• Don’t eat or drink after others – It is easy to see your friend with a soda and ask for a sip from it.  Tell your kids not to do this.  It passes germs around like crazy.  And tell them not to eat the rest of someone else’s food after the other person has eaten off of it.  If that person has a cold then chances are, your kid will eventually have it too.

• Get enough sleep – Make sure your kid gets enough sleep every night as this will allow their body to ward off infections.  Sleeping enough every night allows the body to regroup and keeps it healthier overall.

While all of these tips are well and good, getting your children to understand the importance of them will be the hard part.  Just keep working to instill these things into your child and eventually they will begin to see a difference in their health.  Teach them while they are young so it will carry with them throughout their school days as they grow up.

Use Dance to Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

May 28th, 2012by emmamayn

Dancing can not only be fun, but it is also a great source of exercise!

Getting out and shaking your “grove thing” can help get your heart beating faster and make you healthier all around.  It will also help to relax you if you are feeling some of the stresses of the day.

Start with a slow song that you like just to do some warming up to keep from harming your body.  Once you feel like you’ve stretched out those muscles and feel more relaxed, step up the beat that you are listening to.

Move your arms, your legs, your head, and your butt and just get into the music.  Move faster and even throw in some kicks like you are kick boxing.  This will help keep your legs moving and stronger.  Once you are feeling loose, step the beat up a little faster.  Do you have stairs in your house that you can do some step ups?  Or better yet, run up and down the stairs to the beat of the music.

Belly Dancing

Just keep your body moving.  It doesn’t matter what moves you do or don’t do, it’s your dance routine and you can do whatever you’d like to do.  Have you ever tried belly dancing?  It is supposed to be one of the best dances ever for getting into shape.  Take a class if you can find one and if not, buy a video and follow along.  You will learn some great moves while getting your body in the best shape it’s ever been in.


Try a little Zumba if you like.  These moves are great for keeping in shape and it is all the rave these days.  You use a lot of your muscles and you can work on your core at the same time.  Take a class or buy a video, either way you won’t go wrong.  No matter what dance exercise you use you should remember to keep your abs tight so that they will become lean and strong too.  You don’t always have to do those hideous crunches to get firm abs.


You can end your dance workout with a slow song again to cool down and to help you relax.  You can throw some ballet or some light yoga into your cooling down session and feel the weight of the world be lifted off of you.  You worked hard and now you get to relax at the end.  It was well worth it and you got to have some fun.

What is Cy-Yo?

May 25th, 2012by emmamayn

Cy-Yo is a trend that is quickly growing for those who are looking to build a better body and build a better mind.  This type of exercise incorporates physical fitness and mind fitness all in one workout package.  Work your body and relax your mind all at the same time.

For many years people have worked hard to develop exercise routines that can help shape their body the way they want it to be.  Jumping jacks, swimming, running, and every other exercise you can think of.  For those same years people have worked to develop strategies to help their mind relax and to put an emphasis on getting to know the inner you.

However, it seems that very few have put together both types of plans to help work on the body and the mind at the same time in the same workout session.  It sounds so simple, but it has been overlooked throughout all of these years.  Until now…

Introducing CY-YO

Cy-Yo is generally done for a one hour period with 10 minutes of yoga to get your body ready to move; stretching muscles, relaxing you mind and your body.  Once you complete your 10 minute yoga relaxation and warming up exercise you will then move to 40 minutes of intense cardio on the cycle.

The cycle will help get your heart rate up and allow you to concentrate on your breathing while getting in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings.  You are able to let go of all of the negative energy through sweat and let go of the stresses of the day.

Together this type of workout will help you maintain the personal fitness that is so important in your life with the soothing sounds of your own thoughts during the 20 minutes of relaxation doing yoga.  Your muscles will feel great and your mind will get the workout it deserves too.

So, what are you waiting for?  If you can’t find a class near you, make up your own regimen and take it from there.  Do 10 minutes of yoga, 40 minutes of cycling, and 10 more minutes of yoga to help you cool down and feel refreshed.

Nothing can be easier to help tone your body and your mind.  Give it a try and see if you don’t feel better in no time!

Easy Exercise for Desk Sitters!

May 21st, 2012by emmamayn

Are you one of the many people who are stuck working at a desk all day doing the 9 – 5 routine?  If you are, then you know how hard it is to get in some exercises while you are chained to your desk during the day.  Try some of the tips listed below and get started in firming up while being able to get your work done:

Tone Up Those Muscles

1. Buttocks – While sitting in your chair typing up that latest report for your boss, squeeze your buttock muscles together and hold for 5 seconds.  Repeat this exercise as many times as you would like throughout the day and it will keep your rear end looking great!  You can also do this exercise while standing if you have to stand for a long period.

2. Thighs – Sit up straight in your chair and stretch your legs out as far under your desk as they will go.  Tighten the muscles in your legs and hold for 5 – 10 seconds.  You can do this exercise as often as you need to throughout the day.  Not only will this tighten your thigh and calf muscles, it will also keep your legs stretched out to prevent cramping and sore joints.

3. Stomach – While sitting up straight in your chair, suck in your stomach and hold for at least 10 seconds.  Repeat this exercise often and you will begin to feel your stomach muscles tighten over time.  No more crunches (unless you just want to do them).  This exercise can also be done while you are simply standing and talking to someone.  They will never know you are doing it.

4. Arms – Tighten up your arm muscles by placing your arms at your sides.  Pretend you have weights in your hands and using force (like you are pushing against something) raise your arms to your shoulders, then over your head.  You can feel your arm muscles working, but you really don’t have any weights in your hands; your arms just think you do.

5. Back – While sitting up straight in your chair, do some stretching for your back.  Place your arms at shoulder length and push like you did with your arm muscles.  You can feel the muscles in your back begin to relax and you are helping your muscles to become stronger.

No one will even know you are exercising!

The best part is, these exercises can be done in the privacy of your own office and in most cases, and no one will ever know you are doing them!  So, don’t let a desk job get in the way of you having a toner physique because now you know exactly how to do it!

My Personal Thoughts and Review of HemClear

September 15th, 2011by emmamayn

Ever since I found HemClear, life for me has been smooth sailing. I am free from painful hemorrhoids and able to do the things I love. Prior to finding HemClear, I could hardly walk, sit or think about anything else but the pain and discomfort they caused me. HemClear truly has been a blessing in my life.

I Could Not Even Sit Through My Daughter’s Recital

Even an hour in a hard seat caused me so much distress, I had to cancel many engagements. During my daughter’s ballet recital, I had to excuse myself several times during an hour period. I had to make special accommodation’s at work just to get through the day and long car trips were out of the question. I could not stand or walk for long periods of time and I found myself withdrawing from life more and more each day.

When I found HemClear, I was able to slowly get back into my game and on with my life. I began using the cream with the capsules the first few weeks and noticed immediate relief from the external discomfort. Before I knew it, I was sitting through her next recital cheering her on. I was working a full day at work without any symptoms. I could walk more, play more and live life the way that I want to!

A Healthy and Safe Formula

I trust the ingredients in HemClear because they are all-natural and safe. When I was on the website looking at ingredients, I noticed “old-fashioned” remedies that are known to be safe and effective. I am really trying to take care of my body and not use so many chemicals and synthetic products, all-natural is the new way to go for me. That gives me piece of mind knowing that when I purchase HemClear, it contains ingredients that have been used time and time again to relieve hemorrhoids. I was really happy to see that HemClear stands behind it’s product with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. However, I was so very impressed with the product I never needed to use the guarantee.

Dosing and Time For Relief Were Right On For Me

I can never seem to remember anything when life get’s busy. When I was using hemorrhoid creams alone, I was so busy I never even got the chance to use them. With HemClear, I can put my first dose of 2 capsules out on the breakfast table and then 2 more capsules on the dinner table. If I were going out, I could just throw my doses in a pocket or my purse and I was out the door. I kept the cream handy in my home restroom for use when I went to the bathroom. It turns out the capsules worked so fast, I didn’t need the cream for very long at all. It was easy and convenient with my schedule. 

Today I Sit Here Hemorrhoid Free

After full treatment with HemClear, I sit here pain free and hemorrhoid free for the first time in my life. I owe getting my life back to HemClear and highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from chronic hemorrhoids. I was glad I didn’t wait and ordered HemClear and started my treatment. Good luck and I hope it works as well for you!

Your Kid’s Health and You

May 13th, 2011by emmamayn

If you are a parent and worried about your children’s health, then that is normal but you don’t have to feel that way because you can do something about it. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider.

  • Be a good model to your children. It is a fact that small children are difficult to please especially to eat vegetables. However, it’s a task that a mother/father should perform to discipline them with their eating habits and you can do that easily when they see you eating vegetables with them. They will see the importance of eating vegetables and it’s a way to condition their minds.
  • Start the training early by creating the habit to eat raw foods.  Let them work with the fruit and vegetable blender; this will be fun and motivating for children. This is a good chance also to educate them of the basic importance of enzymes to our bodies.
  • Be proud of your children and engage them to a healthy lifestyle by opting to sports. The support and love you give will always matter to them.
  • Avoid spoiling your children by firmly saying “no”. The inconvenience in disciplining a child is something that parents should overcome. It’s a responsibility that must be done for them to grow up as responsible individuals. That is why early training to eat healthy is something they will be thankful about.
  • The last but not the least is to bring them for regular checkups. This will ensure you that they are perfectly healthy.

Parenthood is a both a responsibility and a gift, and taking care of our children is the most precious opportunity we have to make our lives more meaningful. That is why; doing all of these to ensure that they get optimum health is the best thing we can give them.

Your Wellbeing Depends on Your Eating Habits

May 13th, 2011by emmamayn

Your health is probably the most significant aspect of your life, which is why you have to focus on it for your overall wellbeing. In the end, having a strong physique requires that you take the most effective steps to take care of your entire body.

Your wellbeing depends on your eating habits and having a nutritional eating plan. Nutrition for your wellbeing can consist of several different aspects. There are also many techniques or ideas that are suggested to help you achieve your wellbeing goals. You have to commit to a daily diet, which can help determine your productivity level.

What you eat determines your strength throughout the day. That’s why it is crucial that you take the time to learn about the unique ingredients that you need to include in your diet, as well as those that you should not include. Eating healthy food is fundamental to having great health. Of all the factors that can affect your wellbeing, a healthy eating plan is the most critical. It is actually a key element to your survival.

Consuming sensible food does not always mean that you have to stop eating your favorite foods. Just be certain that you are getting the correct amounts of nutrients from each of the food groups. Select a diet that is balanced with a variety of foods, like dairy products, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Through a well-balanced diet you’ll achieve a healthy body weight. More importantly, you will feel enthusiastic and recharged.

To achieve the best nourishment options, you should seek the help of an expert nutritionist to help you make good choices in what you eat. This person can help you stick to your diet program and stay on track.

Having good eating habits doesn’t mean you have to just eat spinach and peas. You can still enjoy scrumptious food that you relish. In addition to a nutritionist, you should seek the help of an expert fitness instructor to help you with your physical exercise. All things considered, a respectable diet, as well as having physical exercise, can enhance your ability to shed weight.